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From small-scale solar energy for individual households to complete solar roofs for the business sector and agriculture: Zonactief offers a customized product for every situation. We also manage and coordinate your project from start to finish. Read more about the possibilities for your situation below.

Home installations

We have a wide range of solar panels and installation possibilities for your home. People often wonder how big such an investment is, how much profit they can expect and what the durability of the panels will be.

There is a lot going on in the world of solar panels, new developments follow up quickly and all the brands we collaborate with are actively working to optimize their product. Because different brands stand for different techniques and materials, we can always offer you a product that fits your needs. This product could for example consist of poly- or monocrystalline solar panels or thin film (TF) panels. To a large extend our clients decide the ratio between yield, looks, guarantees en prices.

During the installation, Zonactief works – among others – together with Harwig Installateurs, to ensure the safety of the solar panel installation and to guarantee a proper result.

Fill in the contact form to indicate what your specific situation is and we’ll give you an indication of the possibilities and investment. Combined with the right energy supplier, you can earn more than you think. Drop by for more information or go straight to the request form to receive an attractive offer.


The purchase of solar panels is a sensible investment; In addition to saving on energy costs, you can benefit from the EIA (Energy Investment Deduction). In addition, it is possible to sell the surplus of your energy.

For companies with some space on the roof - or elsewhere - it's almost always interesting to use solar energy, as main or even only energy source, or as an addition to your conventional energy. Your investment will generate high returns, plus the amount you save thanks to the EIA and other deductions.

If desired Zonactief concludes a maintenance contract, which means that we visit once a year for a thorough cleaning and to check the efficacy of your installation. In this way we guarantee an optimal functionality of the solar installation. The maintenance contract saves you extra work and ensures a maximum yield of your solar panels.

For many companies it is possible to generate and sell surplus energy. We will gladly inform you about the possibilities. Go to the contact form or call us for an appointment. You can also request an offer, of course without any obligation.

Agricultural sector

For the agricultural sector every year can be a challenge. Investments often involve a lot of money and high risks. To minimize these risks and to keep important investments accessible, Zonactief has developed a so-called Prefab Energy Roof (the ‘Zonactief Energiedak’), specifically made for the agricultural sector. Also, the Energy Roof is an attractive alternative to a conventional roof in projects such as asbestos removal, renovation or new roof construction.

The big advantage of our Energy Roof is that it does not differ much from a conventional roof, but it does generate a high amount of energy. In addition, it is possible to create an extra source of revenue, by selling all the surplus energy at attractive rates.

The Prefab Energy Roof will be customized entirely as desired. The major advantages of the prefab concept are in particular: cost savings on labour wage, quality control and a fast sealing of the building. Discharge ducts and the like can be integrated into the Prefab Energy Roof during production. In addition, it is possible to provide the Energy Roof with insulation to create an air-tight shell. This is ideal for construction with a high EPC (Energy Performance Coefficient).

Many local authorities are willing to contribute, for example by providing cheap loans and granting asbestos subsidies and licenses. Would you like to know what your options are? Call or mail for free advice, we will discuss the possibilities with you. Or fill out the quote request form for an indication of the rates and possibilities.

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